About the Author

Hi! I’m Rae. I’m an Urban-Fantasy author, most at home in the spaces between reality and the imaginary. When I am in this world, I reside in London. My Young Adult, Urban Fantasy book, Descendants is the first in The Arete Series and is due to be published in April 2017.

I have previously published fiction with Fictuary magazine. I studied Classics at university and a lot of my stories draw on mythology and ancient worlds. In my twenties, I worked as a primary teacher and now run a dog-walking business. I can usually be found sniffing out plots and characters with my trusty hounds. When not reading or writing, I love to scuba dive. I find the big blue to be like a good book – a portal to a different world.

For news on my upcoming books sign up to my readers’ group.  To contact me go to: raeelse.co.uk