El Devereux

El has lived a sheltered life and been hidden away from the world because of the deadly power that slumbers in her. When she causes a horrific accident, she learns that there are others like her – others with powers. Forced from her home, she is hunted by a secret organisation known as the Order. But should El be afraid of these beings or has she been right all along: that she is the thing to be feared the most?

Dan Pinton

Dan has spent most of his youth on the run from The Order. Travelling with other arete, he has used his elemental abilities to perform in a fire troupe throughout Europe. He is part of the group who are tasked with keeping El hidden from the Order. But why is he so secretive … can he be trusted?

Luke Laukas

Luke has grown up in the thick of the arete world. He’s honest, open and forthcoming, more so than any other arete that El’s met. But … he’s a supporter of the Order! And he claims that it isn’t dangerous. If El believes him it means that those closest to her are liars.